Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Joker Card and DC Character

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To me, the joker card is the most famous card that there is. In playing cards, there are two jokers per deck. There is some difference between the two. There is a red joker and black joker. The red one can be counted as a heart-diamond and the black is used to substitute clubs-spades.

When I think of the joker card, I think of the Joker in Batman. He has planted a big seed in my mind about clowns on cards. The Joker, known as a DC character, is very wild and crazy. He is quite evil and so is his laughter. The Joker is now the character of the clown on the playing card. He commits crime like it is a game. The foe of Batman carries a card in his hand with something evil on his mind. He seems to leave a card laying around, and Batman knows that he’s up to something. The Joker is nothing but a maniac and killer. The Joker himself seems to be a trademark with his purple and green colors. The painted face was awful in the movie “Dark Knight” played by the outstanding actor, Heath Ledger. Read More....

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