Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music From Chameleon

Listen to new music from Chameleon. They have very good music. It is better than the music that I hear on the radio today. Chameleon's music is clean, you can understand it, it has meaning, and it is saying something. When you hear Chameleon do a little hip hop, the words speak out loud with meaning. They have great talent. They have a style that can last them forever. Chameleon is like old school. To me, the old school style is the best. Chameleon has it in their music. See Chameleon's site at



Cherieamour said...

Gail, You "got it." We have been waiting 10,000 plays later for someone to "understand" what we are doing. Girl, you laid it out, in one paragraph. Thank God for you! We were beginning to think that only "WE" believed in what we were writing. We thank God for you! Godspeed

Gail said...

You're welcome Cherieamour. It's hard, but somebody is listening. There may be more people than you think. People just don't get involved enough. Keep right on doing what you do.