Sunday, May 18, 2008

Building a House

Today on May 18, 2008, Robert Anderson and Rudolph Nobles Jr. (my friend and father) were working on a house that they were building. So far, what they have built is a little less than 15 days of work because of the rain. I could not believe that they had gotten so much done.

knowing how to build, looking at the inside of the house, it was hard for me to read a 2d house plan and compare it to a house that looked 3d. But looking at the the house plan showing the house finished with brick on the outside, the house is looking so much like the house plan. The triangular shapes are starting to shape up to my eyes. At first, the house looked like a bunch of boards nailed together, but it all depends on how you see things, what you see, and where you stand to look. The more I look up at the unfinished roof, and the more I walked through the unfinished house, I began to see space and rooms and a roof.

To me, getting up on the roof was a scary and dangerous job. Robert and Rudolph got up on the roof like it was nothing to them. They looked very close to heaven, and they try to remember to say prayers to God each day while working on the house. It is hard work because the boards sometimes looked a little bit warped in one or two places, and they had to correct their mistakes. These guys are very hard workers, and they make sure they get the job done right. It was extra hard today because they didn't have the rest of their partners, Tony and Ronnie Nobles (my uncles) and Foot (my cousin). Seeing Robert and Rudolph work alone is amazing. Of course, they put me to work too. I had to hand them tools so they wouldn't have to get down from the ladder.

If you live in New Bern, NC and need a house built, repair work, vinyl siding, or a roof and floor done call Robert Anderson at (252)-259-9045.

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