Saturday, August 20, 2011

D-Train 2_Dear Hip Hop

Now that you have heard "Life is Hard", what do you think? I think D-Train sounds professional. He reminds me of P Diddy in this particular song and his back-up singer reminds me of Faith Evans. If you would like to comment on D-Train's music or share it, go to 

Are you ready to hear another song by D-Train? His next song is "Dear Hip Hop". I was listening to his lyrics about how a lot has been going on in his life and a lot of people have been hating. Yes, people are hating. When people hate, they make a hard world to get along in. Some people spread out and stick to themselves to keep away from the drama. It seems like all of the good people are somewhere hiding and people need to come together. D-Train is a winner though, and he's got to keep on moving. People are hating because he is wearing a crown. If D-Train is strong, no one can take it.

I love the way the music is made for "Dear Hip Hop". It's not too much music but enough is added just right for the words to stand out and to be understood. I heard D-Train say in his lyrics that no one has a style like his. That is true because he is a man of many styles. He's not always rapping about violence and sex like most rappers. D-Train writes beyond that in hip hop. That makes him different, and his style can last for years. Maybe he can bring something new to rap music and do something that no one has ever done.


Dear Hip Hop (ft DJ7 w/skratching ) by DTrainOnline

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